Feeling short of cash, and running out of options to keep yourself entertained at home this week!?  Here’s a huge list of inspirational activities for Undertendollars:


  • Have a BBQ
  • Lie in the hammock and watch the world go by
  • Listen to the radio. If you select some music, have a dance.
  • Build a tent with blankets and pillows for the kids, and ‘go camping’
  • Roast marshmallows on the BBQ
  • Give a massage
  • Clean out your wardrobe and get your clothes charity bags ready
  • Talk
  • Play cards
  • Put together a puppet show with the kids
  • Make a pot of tea on the BBQ and share it with the neighbours
  • Cook some soup on the BBQ
  • Play hangman
  • Write a letter
  • Read a book
  • Polish the silver.  Urgh ~ who suggested that? The only reason I Iike to polish the silverware (a couple of candlesticks and a wine holder) is that they look so beautiful on the table when they’re gleaming.  The best way to enjoy your gleaming silverware is to participate in the Posh It Up activity below.
  • Posh it up.  A quick, simple and entertaining activity for an evening is to posh it upTable Setting at the dinner table. It is party night every night at our house! Well, most nights. Actually, just some nights.  The kids help set the dinner table and we dress it with a tablecloth, linen napkins, full cutlery and candles (don’t forget the polished silverware!). It’s a great activity for them, they enjoy learning ‘proper’ table manners and most of the time, they actually eat their dinner too!  Not only is this a great activity for kids, it’s a really lovely activity to do with your partner too. Don’t save it for visitors – enjoy poshing it up for you too.
  • Play a board game. We got bananagrams for Christmas, which is one you can play on your own
  • Pull out some weeds in the garden
  • If your phone is working, ring a friend or family member and have a proper conversation
  • At night time, go outside and really look at the stars
  • Go through your fire evacuation plan, and do a fire DRILL with the family
  • Write a bucket list
  • Thumb wrestle
  • Play dress-ups with the kids
  • If it’s winter, and the heating is off, gather all your blankets, herd the family into one room and snuggle together whilst sharing scary stories
  • Play bingo
  • Grab the exercise equipment that’s hiding under the bed and give it a go.  Run up/down steps, use park equipment, go for a walk, do sprints in the backyard with your kids and use your kids as weights!
  • Go through your pantry/fridge and work out what meals you can put together with your existing supplies and resources
  • Take photos. Hang a sheet as your backdrop and do family portraits. If the weather is nice outside, go outside for better lighting
  • Clean the oven
  • Have a tea party
  • Make a pavlova, or lamingtons20130118 Lamingtons Instagram
  • Do a large jigsaw puzzle
  • Lie on the couch and have the kids run around doing “Simon Says” instructions
  • Pin the tail on the donkey
  • Start a Gift Register to keep track of all your gift expenses (template here)
  • Make popcorn on the BBQ
  • Crosswords
  • Paint your toenails ~ or someone else’s
  • Yoga
  • Freeze a bunch of grapes and place them in a freezer bag. Use them instead of an ice-brick next to your lunch, and you’ll have a cool snack when they defrost.
  • Enjoy home-made icy cocktails, or make your own lemonade (see
  • Soak your feet in a tub of cool/warm water tub (give them a pamper while you’re at it)
  • Sit in the kids pool
  • If family members are watching the same tv show in different rooms, then meet up and watch it together.
  • Make chores into family fun activities, like washing the car. You could even offer a car-wash for the whole street and make a few dollars!
  • Plant some seeds and grow beautiful plants to give away as future gifts
  • Watch movies at home, borrow DVD’s from the library, and eat home-made popcorn.
  • Set up a compost bin ~ See our “Fix Your Food Waste


  • You don’t need to buy accessories for your home.  Show off your fancy china tea cups, any lovely pottery bowls and even empty vases look good when they’re grouped together with other like-minded accessories.  Try placing them with some black and white photos, and/or the groups of books you’ve already put together. Just play around with the colours and sizes until you find a look that works.
  • Review your book collection.  Books look fantastic in a home library thatDecorate on a few Dollars surrounds the walls of a room.  Some of us don’t have that many books, or the space for a library.  By strategically placing batches of books around the home, you have instant styling!  Look at the spines of the book and match them together by size and colour.
  • Rotate your home decor.  Bring out your cooler coloured accessories in summer, and warmer accessories in winter.  The same applies with cushions, throws and blankets.  This reduces clutter in your home, and gives you a refreshing new look every six months.
  • Fluff up your cushions
  • Find the memories or sentimental items around your home that bring you comfort, and ensure they are displayed in a flattering location.  If you have photos tucked away in an album, then either display the entire album so you can peruse at your leisure or pull out your favourites and have them framed.
  • Burning some incense or oils, display a bowl of potpourri or plant some fresh herbs at the back door or place in the kitchen.  The Readers Digest have 8 Aromatherapy Projects to Fragrance Your Home (well worth a read)
  • Create a Comfort Zone (read more here).  Nominate one room or one space that is for relaxation and ensure this is the one area that is always clean and uncluttered.  This is your sanctuary, and you can resort to it whenever you feel like some comfort.


  • Mend your clothes. Find clothes that have little holes or hems that need fixing, and hand sew them.  Check out our Clothing Corner
  • Recover some old items around the home (jar lids, lamp shades, cushion covers, book covers, vases).  Use fabrics, paper mache, leaves … let your imagination run wild.
  • Do a craft activity ~ refer our Kid’s Craft pageKite Flying
  • Make and throw paper aeroplanes
  • Knit or crotchet some squares
  • Do some colouring-in with the kids
  • Fly kites in the backyard ~ refer Paper Kites
  • Go through your old photos and do some scrapbooking
  • Create a ‘memory tree’. Paint or draw a tree on a large piece of cardboard. Cut out and glue on some large leaves. Write a memory or funny/cute things the kids say on the leaves
  • Collect your magazines and start rolling strips of paper to make picture frames or baskets
  • Make a paper chain
  • Have the kids draw pictures, or do some paintings and post them to the Grandparents (or close friends/family)
  • Gather your tins, plastic bottles and jars for some Recycled Crafts
  • Put together a meal plan for the week, using just the ingredients in your fridge/pantry.  See our Save On Your Groceries
  • Try your own hand at painting on a canvas


  • Go out for hot chip sandwiches
  • Go out for a McDonalds 30c icecream
  • Go to the library
  • Visit a museum
  • Arrange an outdoor picnic, at the park or in the backyard
  • Hang out at the community pool
  • See a daytime movie
  • Go to the bay or beach, have a quick swim and lounge in the shade under a tree
  • Check out the nearest waterfall, river, creek, lagoon, dam etc
  • Join a club or start a hobby
  • Check the internet or local paper for “family fun days” or local “fetes”
  • Go and visit the Undertendollars facebook page


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