Goodbye Undertendollars! Hello …

Logo SplitThe draft blog I wrote on this topic only yesterday had a completely different feel.  I had started it with “Oh, I could just cry”, however now I’m feeling positive and rearing to go!

I am so proud of Undertendollars.  I am proud of the Undertendollars name, the logo, the website and facebook page, the blogs written by myself and by friends who have contributed to Undertendollars and most of all, the friends I have met through Undertendollars.

Unfortunately, due to my naivety and ignorance in this world of URLs and domains, I’ve found myself in a position where I need to either close or rebrand Undertendollars.  This is due to my lack of research and experience, lack of foresight and also a lack of confidence when initially creating Undertendollars.

In such a short time, I’ve become really passionate about Undertendollars and have decided to upgrade the website, and in doing so have found that I am unable to obtain my domain name of choice.  Therefore, I’ve decided to re-name Undertendollars instead.

This initial realisation was really disappointing to me.  {Hello Comfort Eating: my husband has found the remnants of the chocolate block, but has not yet seen the disappearing chips}.  But I now have a new name in mind and am very excited!  This time I’m going to do my research first before sharing with you!

So that’s the story to date.  Once the New Name is confirmed, the transition should be very smooth and you won’t feel a thing!  I would love to hear your ideas and suggestions on what you would like to see from the upgraded website and facebook page, and I will certainly keep you updated on proceedings as we go!

Love Alison x






8 thoughts on “Goodbye Undertendollars! Hello …

  1. I’m very interested in your findings! I’ve been thinking about blogging & setting up a website & it APPEARS that the domain name I want is available…What kind of trouble did you run into & how can I avoid it??? Can’t wait to hear your new name!

    • My knowledge of the internet was so limited when I first looked! I initially made the first mistake of setting up Undertendollars as a facebook page without even having a website. Dur!
      To set up a (australian url), you need an ABN, which I wasn’t prepared to do in those early stages. I found that was owned by somebody else (but no website developed), so I naively set up I thought a variation of the name would be fine (not so). If a major developer decides they want to build on that website undertendollars, then most of the traffic will go to their website and I’ll just get lost in the ether.
      Now that I’m wanting to upgrade it, I’ve really put myself in a corner. I had not given it any consideration whatsoever (head slap!). Why risk doing more work, and paying stacks of money to upgrade … when someone could come in right over the top of me?
      With the new name, it’s taken hours and hours of searching to find a name that isn’t already owned (whether or not they have developed a site or not), and I’ve had to check variations against the name I’ve chosen to make sure I don’t get stuck there either. I’ve also had to check .com;; .org; .net etc etc, the list goes on.
      Do your research … and the more original the name, the better!

  2. The good news is that you have already been blogging and really established your identity. Therefore you know exactly the right place to look when getting your new domain name. I transitioned from a coaching business into a blog. My blog evolved over time, but thankfully when I found what it was that I wanted from my blog, the name seemed to fit just nicely, so I was lucky.
    That doesn’t mean that the website I had built originally was as easily transitioned as a stand alone blog, but that is a story for another time 🙂
    Good luck with finding a suitable name and with the how transfer process.
    Becc @ Take Charge Now

  3. Change is good and could bring much better opportunities, so it’s not always all negative. I migrated from my personal domain to SillyMummy and found that things got way better after. It takes a while to re-promote your blog so that people see your new domain but eventually you catch up and things smooth out. All the best with it all!

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