Keep Warm this Winter without the Heater

Has winter come on us early this year?  Balmy Brisbane is anything but balmy today.  I’m loathe to turn on the heater until absolutely necessary, so I’ve put together a list of things to do to keep us warm for Undertendollars.

Click here for printable list to stick on your fridge as a reminder.

Let’s have a look at some ways to keep warm before turning on the heater.

Windows and Doors

  • Head to the local hardware store and ask for the products that can help seal your windows and doors.  Weather strips are easy to install, and inexpensive.  Grab some gap filler for the cracks in your walls too.
  • If you can’t afford to install weather strips, simply place a towel in front of the draughty window or door.
  • Check the outside temperature … if it’s warmer, open your doors and windows … if it’s colder, then shut them tight!
  • Close your indoor doors to un-used rooms.  This will give you another barrier from the outdoors.
  • The thicker your curtains, the more insulation you have.  If the sun is streaming outside, open the curtains and let it in … then close them once it’s gone.

Lounge roomFlooring

  • Put down rugs and/or carpets.  Warmer on your feet than floorboards and provide another layer of protection from the cold temperatures underneath.


  • If you can afford it, insulate the ceiling space with batts.  It only takes a weekend, and if you have a handy hubby, you can DIY.
  • Put the ceiling fans on reverse.  Instead of the warm air rising to the ceiling, the fan will circulate it around the room more evenly.

Get in the Kitchen

  • Cook.  Stews, roasts, casseroles, soups.  Get out all your oven recipes and do a batch of dinners.  To save on electricity, try cooking as many meals as you can in one sitting.
  • Leave the oven door open when you’ve finished cooking to continue warming your kitchen (don’t do this if you have children – or do it after they’ve gone to bed)
  • Drink warm beverages … hot chocolate, tea, coffee, warm milk or even warm water with some lemon to get some warmth into those bones.
  • When you boil the jug, fill a hot water bottle at the same time.
  • When you microwave food, put the heat pad in as well.


  • Dress warmly.  Beanies, scarves, gloves, slippers.  Layers and layers and more layers.  If one pair of socks isn’t enough, put on another pair!
  • Wear a singlet or long sleeved thermal top 24/7.
  • Sleep with your socks on.

Home Decor

  • Gather all your blankets and leave them in convenient locations.  Layer them over your armchairs or lounges, or place them in a basket in the corner of the lounge.  Offer them to guests and wash regularly.
  • Make sure some of those extra blankets are placed at the end of your bed too.
  • Flannelette sheets and pillow cases are so much nicer than chilly cotton ones!
  • If you are going to turn on the heater … make sure heat vents, radiators and heaters are free of obstructions … otherwise that lovely warmth won’t reach you.


  • Exercise.  Do laps around the house, situps, pushups, play “row row row your boat” with the kids, go for a run/walk … whatever you can think of!
  • Housework.  Get energetic with it and work up a sweat … with a bonus, the house is clean too!
  • Go out.  Hit the shops, library, gym, indoor heated pool, friends house … wherever you know the heat is on!

Walking in winterGet Friendly

  • Cuddle.  Pets, husbands, kids … anything with some warmth!
  • Share your space with others.  The more bodies in one room, the more heat is generated.
  • If you have kids, create an indoor cubby house or tent … all those little bodies in one closed space would be very cosy and warm … get in and join them!

Don’t forget to click HERE for the printable list to stick on your fridge as a reminder.  Our electricity bill triples in winter … so my goal this year is to bring it right back down!  Good luck staying warm everybody!

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5 thoughts on “Keep Warm this Winter without the Heater

  1. Winter has DEFINITELY come early in Canberra. Holy crap it’s cold all of a sudden! From t-shirts last week to full wool jumpers, scarves and boots this week. Eeek
    Great tips!
    I did the whole clothes switch over last weekend.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  2. We use hot water bottles for the boys to take to bed on the really cold nights. Great tips, I just love my uggies and fleecy blanket. Layers on the bed help keep the chill from getting through too.

  3. I do most of these things already except the throws and blankies in strategic places – great idea! There is nothing like a roast and a hearty soup during winter! ;o)

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