Tricks to Taking Photos with Your Phone

When you’re living on a budget, chances are you don’t have many opportunities to get professional photos done.  It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be snap happy … particularly when most people have cameras on their phones.

I am not an expert photographer, so I have taken the liberty of researching dozens and dozens of articles and websites and have summarised what everyone is trying to share with us when taking photos with your phone.  These are tips for the everyday person who is in a rush and doesn’t have time to mess around with complicated settings!  Everybody can follow these simple photo suggestions, irrespective of what type of camera you have.

  • Set your camera to the highest picture quality and resolution.  Ted’s Cameras have an easy to follow guide on Image Size and Resolution.
  • Use natural light – shade, not direct sun.  A Beautiful Mess shows us 5 Tips for Great Outdoor Photos.  This is a lovely website, with lots of examples for the everyday user.
Source: A Beautiful Mess

Source: A Beautiful Mess

  • Find a simple, complementary background.  Simple doesn’t mean plain, it just means “not conflicting”.  A floral dress on your girlfriend could get lost if she’s standing in front of a busy garden.
  • Get close … avoid cropping later.  Steve Berardi at the Photo Naturalist explains why with Three Reasons to Avoid Relying on the Crop Tool.
Source: Photonaturalist


  • Try a mix of serious and funny photos

DIY Photos funny

  • Props can come in handy (glasses, hats, scarves, teddies, books, etc.)
  • Have fun and don’t spend too much time playing with the camera … take the photo before you miss the opportunity!

If you find you still want to play around with your photos and go the extra mile, then Apps will save the day!

Popular Phone Apps

Because this article is about simplicity, I’m going to pick only two popular phone apps.  These appear to be the most popular and user friendly ones on the market.  Please feel free to comment below on other apps you find useful though.

Instagram.  Instagram uses a variety of different filters and lets you easily share the filtered photos to a variety of social networks and other sites.

Hipstamatic (iPhone only).  Hipstamatic lets you take photos using a variety of retro lenses, cameras, and filters.

Share and Enjoy

DIY Photos Wedding AlbumI love taking photos, and one day when I have a little more time, I’m going to spend some time with digital scrapbooking and finding different ways to display them around the home.  We placed our wedding photos in a printed book (many years ago before apps and camera phones), but have found the printed book fantastic for our kids and visitors to view without us having to worry about expensive prints being damaged.

We also have a wall of family snaps which is a great talking point for all our visitors, and the kids love talking about their friends on the wall.  Each photo frame was a bargain price of $10 … a great, budget way of decorating this room.

DIY Photos Wall Frames

So watch out for more pics from us while I practice all these new techniques!  Hope you enjoyed our brief article on taking pics with your phone … remember, keep it simple and enjoy the fun!

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8 thoughts on “Tricks to Taking Photos with Your Phone

  1. Great tips. I just got an iPhone and already had been taking on board the idea to get closer rather than zoom – love it. Deb xx

  2. The two apps I use more than anything are Camera+ and Vintique. Quite often I don’t even use an Instagram filter, I use one from one of those two apps as they are much better and allow you a lot more control and customisation. They are also really easy to use! I also take lots of photos at a time and then go through them later, that way you’re almost always bound to have a good one in the bunch rather than just one or two that may not have turned out great.

    #teamIBOT was here!

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