Are You Proud to be Organised?

Being organised is not always something I wear with pride.  Throughout my life I’ve learnt that some people associate “organised” with being anal and controlling, so whilst most people know that I’m organised, they really don’t know the true extent (I really am crazy organised!)

I often see comments on facebook from Mum’s showing their messy house.  This would be a nightmare for me, yet I find myself agreeing with them and telling them my house is a mess too!  Which is mostly untrue.  Sometimes it is a mess, but usually only while the kids are playing in it. So why do I feel like I can’t brag that my house is clean and tidy?Organised

I like order.  I like being on time.  I like routine and structure.

I have lists.  And more lists.  Computerised lists.  Hand-written lists.

I would love to give you some tips on how to be organised … but that is for another day.

There are plenty of companies capitalising on other peoples poor organisational skills.  What I will give you for FREE is a list (because I love them so much) of the resources I have to keep me organised.  If you want more details or samples of any of my resources, just ask!

  • Gift register (with built-in budget).  Click here for link!
  • Automated meal planner which rotates every 4 weeks with accompanying shopping lists.  Click here for a copy (to be updated soon!)
  • Facebook schedule of posts
  • Daily To-Do list
  • Computerised Budget with annual forecast and current spend
  • Project list for our home renovations (yes, we’ve been renovating for the last 7 years! ~ nearly finished)
  • An excel list of my favourite Recipes (that would be 361 of them) categorised into dinner, lunch, mum’s favourite, visitors, snacks etc with a reference to which recipe book they are in
  • A spreadsheet with Goals for 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 5 year, 10 year
  • A list of Chores that get done weekly, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly and annually
  • A packing list that is printed every time we go away ~ which is regularly as our inlaws live out-of-town
  • An archive register of all my photos and insurance inventory’s; and finally
  • A list of movies that my husband and I want to see

I know there are lots of people who are as organised as I am, and there are just as many people who can fly by the seat of their pants.  Since having children, I’m learning to be a lot more flexible with my time, but I’m still loving my lists!

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