Slipper Fetish

Since becoming a stay-at-home mum; work-at-home mum; blog-at-home mum … I spend a LOT of time at home!

We renovated our home recently and have lovely dark polished floorboards, which look amazing, but are incredibly cold in winter. You also feel and see every crumb, sticky patch and fleck of dust at all times of the year (particularly as I do not clean them every single day!).

Therefore, I am developing a Slipper Fetish! Which started today.

I’ve always had one or two pairs of slippers, but since visiting the shops today … well, only one shop because Mr 4 and Miss 2 had really seen enough of the slippers and pj’s after about 5 minutes therefore I was restricted to Big W only. So this is not a sponsored post for Big W … it’s just all that time allowed!

One day I may be allowed out again to see what other slippers I can find for Undertendollars!

Here is a sample:

SlippersThey were all soft and snuggly inside, with soles on the bottom to keep our tootsies warm.

Dare I say, I picked up a couple of pairs …

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